Bespoke Crocodile Trouser

Bespoke Crocodile Trousers: A Collaboration with Mr. Nithi S. 
The schema spanned 6 months; via a combination of experienced craftsmanship, finest materials of their kind, and exclusive collaborative design, a truly unique garment was derived.

The Journey Begins ...

Phase 1 :: Design and Measurement
The journey with Mr. Nithi S. was initiated and sparkled thru a design consultation. An idea of a unique-distinctiveness was envisioned and captured since the very first stage of such protocol. Following the design phase was the fitting & measurement phase, each measurement was recorded with precision and extreme care as Maison SVM wished to preserve 'perfect fitting' as our essential core value.

Phase 2 :: Creating the Prototype
Crafting a prototype out of the calf skin was the next phase.  The pattern was defined and mended during this stage, before moving on to the final material in the latter stage.  This particular phase held an important task in such a way that the comfort & fitting had to meet Maison SVM standard & requirements.

Phase 3 :: Selecting the Finest Materials
Once the pattern was perfected, the premium crocodile skin was ordered and sent from a tannery located in Spain. The process of preparing and finishing the crocodile skin for garment used, took approximately 2-3 months. This careful selection process guaranteed that the processed materials were of the highest quality, ensuring the final product would be both luxurious and durable at the same time.