Experience Luxury with Volkswagen and Maison SVM at #VogueThailand 9th

In 2022, Maison SVM, in collaboration with THAIYARNYON, celebrated the 9th Anniversary of Vogue Thailand at the #VogueThailand9th Exhibition, "A Fashion Journey - An Exhibition of Vogue Thailand’s Journey in the Fashion Industry." This unique event highlighted the evolution of fashion; taking visitors on a journey thru the past, present and future.

 Exclusive Collaboration and Unique Designs

Exclusively for this event, Maison SVM has crafted a premium crocodile leather “Head-Rest Pillows” Collection. 
With Maison SVM veteran artisans, each and every product of this innovated/unique “Vogue” lining was hand crafted-painted throughout.  This collaboration also marked the debut of the Volkswagen THAIYARNYON Caravelle x Maison SVM Special Edition. This vehicle is distinguished by its unique, premium-grade crocodile leather interiors, the same quality used in our high-end bags and products.  Nonetheless, each vehicle unit is assured of one-of-a-kind bespoke pattern and exclusivity embedded within.